Monday, October 12, 2009

I'm Still Here!

LOL Sorry that I haven't been blogging much lately. I'm just so busy! But I want to remind you that Thursday is the 15th, so that means it's JM blogtrain time! This month, rather than a traditional Halloween theme, we've chosen a pink pallette and the name "Be Aware." Since it's Breast Cancer Awareness month, we used that as our inspiration for this blogtrain. So you can come back here, and get my contribution and follow along the blogtrain from here. On Thursday I'm also going to be posting another CT Call. Unfortunately, no one applied last time, not that I'm surprised since I'm still a fairly new designer, so I'm going to give it another go. We do have an awesome site CT at DD but I'm only getting about 2 LOs a month since there are so many designers. I really need to get my stuff out there with some awesome LOs and Enabling. I'm hoping that now that I'm settled in at DD, I can get a small team together. I will be posting the call here right after I post the blogtrain so that as many people as possible see it and I will be posting at DST, DSA, JM, DD, and Scrap N Chat! If any of you want to throw your hat in early though, feel free to email me. I've also got a sale going right now on Raspberry Tea, Pockets Full of Sand, and Gentle Summer so head on over to my boutique for that. And next month watch for my announcement about being DD's weekly Divine Diva Deal. I'm working on a brand new kit which will be on sale for $2 that week and an add on that you can get for free by posting a LO using that kit at DD. I'm also planning on a coordinating freebie on my blog too. That's all my news for now! See you in Thursday!

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  1. Hi Stephanne - I read your CT Call request at DD and browsed your store, then came here. 1st post I'm reading - but I'll surf back as far as it lets me. I'm real bad at always getting to blogs cuz I have just too many favorites it seems. But when I land on a blog I go back to wherever I left off. Or in case of a new blog, I read as far back as I can. It's not an efficient way of blogging, but it's just what I do.
    Anyways, I love the designs I see so far, and I fell for your design name (too cute). I wanted to tell you good luck with your CT call. I am sure you should find some wonderful gals to help you promote yourself! I myself have been scrapping for about 3 to 4 yrs now, tho not very consistent in posting or making LOs sometimes. Which is why I never applied to be on anyone's blog until recently. I just applied when DeDe Smith had a CT call, and I was actually very surprised to get in! It was a huge ego boost for me. But I knew it would also be very challenging because I am not that consistent in posting. I hoped it would force me (in a good way) to create more. And it has! I would love to apply for yours, but I couldn't since there's always the chance I may fail in my "duties". Time is short some days and sometimes it's just hard... As a mom you would know that more than me! (no kids yet). But I do wish you tons of luck, and I will pass your blog link around to some fellow scrappers... And if I ever get a faster, better, newer computer - I'll ask you if you'd still need help... (I know that's mostly why I don't post as much, it takes forever to post with this old PC).
    Again, I just wanted to say I just found you and GOOD LUCK on finding a good team!
    Hugs, Tif