Friday, June 26, 2015

*NEW* Smile, Freebie, + New Store Announcement!

Happy Friday Everyone!

I'm going to start today with some sad and, at the same time, exciting news for Snips and Snails Designs. As some of you may know, Scrap Stacks is closing the store on June 30th. I have loved designing at Scrap Stacks these last 6 months. It's a great group of designers and Penny has been a wonderful store owner to work with. I will miss them all very much. And while the store is closing, the stacks will remain open and Penny will resume the old Scrap Pack format. So I encourage you all to keep stacking there! So what does that mean for me? When Scrap Stacks closes on the 30th, my designs will still be available at Oscraps until July 15th. Then I am going to take a few weeks off to prepare for a new store opening. I'm very excited to announce that my designs will be available exclusively at Scrap Orchard starting in August! I have a lot of work to do to re-preview the products I will be moving over and get my store set up there. I am hoping to have New Beginnings: July ready for you all next week at Oscraps so that you have a chance to grab it before my down time. Also look for a sale on the products that won't be making the move with me to Scrap Orchard. Thanks for going with me on this journey! I can't wait to see where it takes us!

OK! This week I have some Mini-O products for you. My Smile Mini Kit, Pocket Cards, and Solid Papers are 44% Off through Monday at Oscraps. They are also available at Scrap Stacks for 20% Off through this weekend. 

Don't forget about the Dads and Dudes Sale still going on at Oscraps too! I have over 40 products on sale for 30% Off through the 29th! Go to My Store and grab them now!

I have a very special freebie for you this week! A few months ago Samuel lost a tooth and put it under his pillow like always along with a nice note to the tooth fairy, we got busy that evening and totally forgot to have the tooth fairy visit him. Have any of you ever had that happen in your home? I had a very upset little boy in the morning. We made excuses for the tooth fairy and sent him off to school, and I promptly placed the money + a little extra under his pillow but I didn't feel it was quite enough so I then made up an apology note as well. He was very pleased. So for today's freebie, I've made up a pre-made tooth fairy apology note that is easily printable in a tooth fairy emergency. It's also in .jpg format so that you can use it on a LO too if you choose to. Keep it in your stash, you never know when it might come in handy!

Smile Tooth Fairy Note Freebie

See you next week!

Friday, June 19, 2015

New Beginnings: June + Freebie!

Happy Friday Everyone!

This week I have my New Beginnings: June Kit and Pocket Cards. You can get them for 20% Off at both Scrap Stacks and Oscraps. As always, if you purchased the New Beginnings Collection or do so before you purchase the June add-ons, you can use your bonus coupon for an additional 20% Off on these products and on all previous New Beginnings products and all future products as well.

Don't forget about the Dad's and Dudes Sale still going on through June 29th at Oscraps. I have over 40 products on sale for 30% Off. They are all products to help you scrap the men in your life. Check out My Store to see what I have on sale. 

I also have a freebie overlay for you today that coordinates with New Beginnings: June.  Enjoy!

New Beginnings: June Overlay Freebie

Have a great week!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Stack Slash + Dad's & Dudes Sales!

Hi Everyone! We've got some awesome sales happening today that I want to tell you about.

Scrap Stacks is having our monthly Stack Slash today. Check out what is on sale in My Store: A Father's Love and Lazy Days are 50% Off today ONLY! Grab them while you can1 

Oscraps is having a Dad's and Dudes Sale through 6/29. I have over 40 products in the sale and you can grab them for 30% Off. Some of the collections on sale include: Best Friends Brothers, A Father's Love, Funny Business, Hang Ten, Gone Fishing, and Get Your Geek On. Head over to My Store to grab the items on sale.

On Friday I will have New Beginnings: June for you! See you then!

Friday, June 12, 2015

New Beginnings Pocket Fillers + Freebie!

Happy Friday Everyone! We are having a rainy, stormy Friday here, but we have really enjoyed our first full week of summer break. I hope you all have a great weekend.

This week I have a new add-on for my New Beginnings Collection. That means if you already purchased or purchase the Bundle first, you can use the bonus coupon to get an additional 20% Off this product and all other Add-Ons past and future. Pocket Scrapping or pockets on LOs is a huge trend right now. In this add-on I have a variety of plastic, stitched pockets that can be used to hold all those photos or pocket cards for you LOs along with a variety of plastic words and items to put in them as well. They kind of remind me of an Oragami Owl necklace, in that you put little symbols that are meaningful to your LO in the pockets. I hope you have fun with these and I can't wait to see your LOs! This product is also 20% Off right now at both Scrap Stacks and Oscraps through Sunday. 

I also have an additional freebie that coordinates with this product. Here are some additional words that you might find useful. Enjoy!

New Beginnings Pocket Fillers Freebie 01

Have a great weekend!

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Daisy Days, Stack Up, + Freebies!

Today I'm going to say Happy Summer! I'm so happy to have my kids out of school for the summer and home with me. It makes things busy, but I love every second of summer.

Today, my Daisy Days Collection is now available at Oscraps where you can get all of it for 20% Off. I have also added a brand new Bundle option at both Scrap Stacks and Oscraps which is 30% Off and it also includes the Add-On which was part of the May Scrap Pack, now available in both stores for 20% Off as well. So if you missed this collection during the Stack Up event, now is the time to grab it! 

Speaking of the Stack Up event. It's still going on through tomorrow at Scrap Stacks! You can get my Backyard BBQ products on sale still! Remember, the more you buy, the more you save! (Your Discount will show in the Cart) 

I also made you a Word Art Freebie today that coordinates with Daisy Days. Enjoy!

Daisy Days Word Art Freebie 

I hope that you are enjoying your weekend!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Stack Up: Backyard BBQ!

Hi Everyone! Are you as excited as I am that it's June? Warm weather is here and we are about to start our summer. We've been very busy in our home with end of the school year things. My niece graduated High School last week, my in-laws are visiting, and Nolan graduates Kindergarten tonight! His last day of school is today and Samuel is done on Thursday. So we are ready to begin our summer. We have a lot of things planned so it's going to be a busy summer for us.

Yesterday was June 1st and the next edition of the Scrap Stacks Stack Up was released! I had a lot of fun with this one and you'll see that I am definitely thinking about summer! My products are Stack Up: Backyard BBQ! 

Last month we were right on top of iNSD when the Stack Up released. So here is our sale structure on Stack Up Products. These products will be on sale through June 7th!

The more you spend, the more you'll save!

20% Off - spend up to 5.00
30% Off - spend 5.01-7.50
35% Off - spend 7.51-9.00
40% Off - spend 9.01 or more

See you soon!!