Thursday, November 10, 2011

Count Your Blessings DAD Day 10 and 11.11.11!

So tomorrow is 11.11.11 and interesting date for sure! It seems like it's interesting enough to mark with a little sale. Did you miss something on DSD that you wish you would have grabbed? Maybe several things? Here's how it's going to work. Everything (excluding collabs at theStudio) will be 11% off to start with. But I'll be keeping track of the invoices. If you spend at least $11, I'll email you a coupon good for another $11 on a return shopping trip. The sale and promotion is for both DIVINE and THESTUDIO. Happy shopping!

Don't forget to stop back in tomorrow for the Gather Together release, there will be a freebie!

Today is Day 10 of the Count Your Blessings DAD at Divine. Here is a look at today's download. If you've missed any of my days, they are already in my DIVINE STORE and will be on sale tomorrow too. You can get today's download in the Divine Forums HERE. Remember you must have completed registration to download. If you aren't signed up for my newsletter, you can sign up on the left of the blog. Today I will have another exclusive Count Your Blessings Freebie and some other things. If you sign up by midnight tonight, I will forward you the newsletter in the morning so you don't miss out on the freebie and other goodies!

See you all tomorrow!!

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