Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hybrid Template Tutorial

Hi, CTM Stacy here with a little hybrid template tutorial for you today. But before I begin I want to thank Stephanne for inviting me over today to guest on her blog! It's so exciting to be here!

Today I'm working with the Silver Bells kit that released at One Story Down last Friday.

And with Wine Bottle Tags template set from Snickels Corner Crafts releasing today.

The thing I love most about templates is how easy it is to get just the look you want, while not having to start with an empty canvas. Here's an example, I really like the shape of the label and mat as well as the look of the ribbon behind it on Wine Bottle Tag 1. But I also really like the overall shape of the Wine Bottle Tag 2. So I'm going to combine them to get just the look I want.

The first step is to open both Tag 1 and Tag 2 in your program. I'm using Photoshop Elements 11, but the steps should be the same no matter what program you are using.

Next, Ctrl-click on the three layers from Tag 1 that you want to move over to Tag 2.

With those three layers selected, click and drag them from Tag 1 to Tag 2 (in the image window or from the layers bin).

Once the layers have been added to Tag 2, remove the oval label and mat and position the ribbon, label and mat from Tag 1.

Now I'm going to close Tag 1 and start adding my papers and elements to Tag 2.  Notice that on the template the suggested placement for elements is the top left side of the label, but I choose to use a package and two ornaments and they seemed to make more sense at the bottom right of the label. 

The last few things I'll do is merge all my paper layers and clip my paper strip and ribbon to the tag.

Finally, I'll add my text and some shadowing.

Once it's done, I'll reduce the opacity of my cut and score line layer then print it using a "coated" or "glossy" setting on my printer. After cutting it out, it is ready to add a touch of elegance to a bottle of wine I'm giving to friends this Christmas.

To learn more about hybrid projects (or to snag a couple of freebies) visit my blog at SnickelsCornerScraps.Wordpress.com.

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