Thursday, September 16, 2010

Falling For You Download A Day!

I'm participating in the Download a Day for the second half of September at Divine Digital! I've teamed up with Girlboheme Studios and Scrappin Wright to bring you this fall themed kit. Here is a preview of the kit:
Falling for You
Be sure to head over to Divine and grab the first download today by Scrappin Wright. You can find the DAD forum HERE.

I'll be back tomorrow with a preview of my first part and another reminder to go download. Remember the links only stay active for at least 24 hours so you will want to go each day and download that day's piece!


  1. Is divine having troubles again at the site? Don't know what supended means, but I can't get there. Hope it doesn't mean they lost all on the site again, That would be terrible! Hope to see them soon and your dd too. The kit looks lovely.

  2. I'm not sure what suspended means either! I doubt they lost the site but I'm in the dark too. Hopefully we'll be up again soon.