Friday, October 4, 2013

A Life Full of Riches, Unique + Freebie!

Happy Friday Everyone! Well, it's been quite a week here. I finally have my new internet and yesterday we had new counters installed throughout the house. When we bought this house back in June, it was quite apparent that a lot of things hadn't been updated since it was built in the mid-70's. We pulled down all the wallpaper and painted and set to work one thing at a time. While in great shape, the counters, two of the sinks, and a toilet were a lovely shade of golden yellow! One of the bathroom sinks had been replaced at some point with a white one. So my house is in quite a bit of chaos as drawers are still all over the living room along with things that were in the cabinets for my kitchen, built in desk, and both bathrooms. I really love my new counters and once I get everything settled I'll be sure to make a before and after LO to share with you. BUT to make matters worse, Andrew didn't get something tight or something when he hooked up one of the sinks and when we woke up this morning, my whole laundy/bath, entry and basement storage area were flooded! So now we're dealing with that mess too! Thankfully most of my boxes in the basement were off the floor and there is a drain but we had to unpack a bunch of stuff we stored and that's now all over the playroom in the basement. Oh well! Life goes on and eventually my house will be back in order!

So, being that is was one of those weeks......I have two more things back in my stores this week. Unique and A Life Full of Riches are back and 20% Off through Sunday. Save more by purchasing the bundles. You can get them at Oscraps or in my Personal Store.

I also have a freebie for you. Joey made you this cluster frame freebie that coordinates with A Life Full of Riches. Enjoy!
See you next week!

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